Fashion confortable shoes, for today's Woman

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  • zapato combinado taupe 2241

    zapato combinado taupe 2241

    69,95 €
  • zapato oxide lack burdeos 2260

    zapato oxide lack burdeos 2260

    54,95 €
  • zapato oxide lack taupe 2220

    zapato oxide lack taupe 2220

    54,95 €
  • zapato silk negro 2230

    zapato silk negro 2230

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  • zapato vitelino oxide lack kaki 2191

    zapato vitelino oxide lack kaki 2191

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  • zapato lycra taupe 2297

    zapato lycra taupe 2297

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6 artículo(s)

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Desireé Shoes: Fashionable comfortable zapatos, for the woman of today

Desireé Shoes, is a brand "Made in Spain", which designs and manufactures its shoes since 1987 in Elche, a shoemaker city recognized worldwide. In all our collections you will find shoes, salons, and booties for all kinds of occasions. Yes, as you hear it. All of them ideal for day to day or to look perfect in special celebrations.

Thanks to our wide chromatic range, you can look discreet, elegant, and flattering, since the earth, khaki, burgundy, navy, gray and black tones dominate it. Actually, everything based on seasonal trends.

Original creators of the flexible heel shoe

Desireé Shoes distinguishes itself by creating an authentically comfortable shoe inspired by the woman of today. Our goal is to go further, to go ahead. We want to find the perfect symbiosis between current fashion, without sacrificing comfort. Sophisticated and functional designs, based on ergonomic lasts that respect the anatomy of the foot, and provide comfort and wellbeing at every step.

The recommendations of doctors and the most distinguished podiatrists, is none other than to say that the heel in the shoes should not be excessively high and flexible. In this way, we can avoid postural imbalances that over time can lead to more serious health problems.

Enjoy the experts comfortable comfort footwear. From Desireé Shoes special attention is paid to each and every one of the indispensable and responsible details of granting comfort to the feminine foot. Our positioning in the market has always been in that line.

The secret of the comfort of Desireé Shoes shoes

The secret of the comfort of Desireé shoes is its patented Total Flex system. But what is Total Flex? It is the technology applied in the composition of its floors and soles with heels, providing the footwear with extraordinary flexibility and cushioning.

Other details that make "premium" Desireé footwear are the materials of first quality that make it up; soft and breathable natural skins, anatomical insoles with memory effect, non-slip soles and shock absorb that relieve pressure in feet, legs and lower back ... etc.

Join Desireé Shoes for the culture of comfort #ILoveComfortWalk